A new list has named Canada one of the top countries in the world for veganism in 2021. The report comes from the online foodie publication Chef’s Pencil, which made a similar list last summer. Basically, they dove into Google Trends to see how often people searched for stuff related to veganism. Here’s what they found!

Canada came in at number 9 out of 10, with a score of 66 out of 100. How’d they get that score? By analyzing Google search terms and trends for vegan-related keywords. Then, that data is used to indicate a concentration of vegan in the populations. Otherwise, larger populations would have an unfair advantage.

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Here’s what the rest of the top 10 countries for veganism look like:

  1. United Kingdom- 100/100
  2. Australia- 88/100
  3. Israel- 86/100
  4. New Zealand- 85/100
  5. Austria- 80/100
  6. Germany- 80/100 (tied with Austria)
  7. Switzerland- 70/100
  8. Sweden- 69/100
  9. Canada- 66/100
  10. Ireland- 64/100

While we’ve got a ways to go before veganism is as popular in Canada as say, the UK (which we’re kind of surprised about), we’ve seen enough vegan spots open up in Vancouver and across the country to know things are on the upswing. Next time you get the chance, try a local one out!

And if you’re curious about the full list, just click here to check it out. Enjoy the day, folks!

If you’d like to check out the list in full, just click here. Enjoy the healthy meals, folks!