2022 ended on a rather delicious note, thanks to Campio Brewery Co. No, we aren’t just talking about the thirst-quenching, warm-inducing drafts on their taps or their epic Detroit-style deep-dish pizza. We are talking about their newest Wild Ale Series.

Just ICYMI, the popular brewery in downtown Edmonton launched the unique and experimental series last November. And with that, they made it official that there’s no beating Campio when it comes to innovative, bold brews.

The first release in Campio’s Wild Ale programme is a Tart Brett Saison.

First things first— what exactly is wild ale and what the hell makes it so unique (and delicious)?

“Brewers typically work with pure cultures of a single type of yeast that has been selectively bred to ferment beer with predictable flavour profiles known as brewers yeast,” explains Brewery Operations Manager, Teaghan Mayers. “Wild ales, on the other hand, are fermented by many different species of yeast, most of which live in the wood of the barrel where they are aged – ‘wild’ (or natural) yeasts.”

Campio Brewing Co. Wild Ales
Photo via Campio Brewing Co.

The final flavour depends on these wild microbes in the barrel and brewers have little control over them. “The result is often unpredictable and occasionally magical!” adds Mayers.

The Tart Brett Saison is proof of this unpredictable and magical result. This funky, fruity and lightly tart Saison is crafted with Siason as the base (obvio), a mix of grains and a splash of sour ale. It then rested in Foeder #3, where a mix of wild yeast and souring bacteria were added.

The beer boasts notes of white wine and citrus, and a subtle acidity with a pleasant tannic, drying feeling. And of course, the bright carbonation and effervescence that comes from conditioning the bottle for months.

Craft beer enthusiast or not, this refreshing ale is definitely worth downing. The only drawback— since it is crafted in a small batch and has garnered a fan base already, the chances of it lasting long are slim. So, enjoy it while it still lasts.

Campio Brewing Co.
Photos via Curiocity

The next release in the Wild Ales Series will be coming in June 2023. Head over to the Campio Brewing Co. website below for more info about their Wild Ale programme, their fab offerings and their unapologetically bold approach to brewing.

Here’s to sipping our way to the summits of fine taste!


10257 105 St NW, Edmonton