It’s been a long time coming, friends! Calgary just took a major step toward breaking ground on their Arts Commons expansion by announcing that they will now begin looking for a team to design the highly anticipated $400 million project.

When all is said and done, Arts Commons hopes to have a state-of-the-art centre that is welcome to all creatives, no matter their medium. This isn’t going to be an easy project, which is why this particular decision about the design team is so important.

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The project will be done in two phases. The first of which will involve building the new facility near the west end of Calgary’s Olympic plaza. The second being a complete revitalization of the existing Arts Commons building on 8th Ave.

This new space will feature 3 theatres, one of which will have 1,200 seats, a rehearsal space, and a corridor that will connect the two. See? A ton of work. 

Choosing the right design firm will require the city to hold a sort of competition where the ‘winner’ will see through the next few years… and what we’re assuming will be a pretty sweet paycheque.

Considering what’s on the line here, it’ll be pretty cool to see who steps up. We’ll be sure to update you guys as more information rolls in, but until then, do what you can to support our local artists – they’ve had quite the year, and it’ll be a few until they can move back into a comfortable space.