The cast of Canada’s Drag Race is performing LIVE at drive-in events across Canada

Via Voss Events

“Gentleman, start your engines (literally), and may the best women win!” You’ve watched them dance, tongue pop and lipsync their way to the finale – now see them live! That’s right, Canada’s Drag Race is performing at multiple drive-in locations across Canada, and it’s sure to be a can’t-miss show.

Hosted by Brook Lynn Hytes, World of Wonder and Voss Events is proud to bring this much-needed live event to four cities across the country. Honestly, nearly all of the big events of the summer have been cancelled, so this is a fantastic way to head into fall.


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The shows will kick off Friday, September 18th in Calgary for 3 nights, then head out east for the remainder of the tour. Here is the full schedule:

CALGARY – September 18 – September 20
MONTREAL- September 29 – October 1
TORONTO- October 2 – October 4
OTTAWA- October 6 – October 7

Tickets are currently running at $89 for a car (includes 2 people per car), then $179 for a VIP ticket (also 2 people per car). For any additional passengers in your car, it will be another $30.

Maybe we’ll see you out there, folks! We’ll be the one being taken away on the stretcher for attempting an in-sync death drop from our car rooftop.