Canada to spend $192 million on COVID-19 vaccine development

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Canada is going to spend approximately $192 million on developing a vaccine for coronavirus PM Justin Trudeau said on Monday.

Multiple parties across the country have made exciting progress towards a COVID-19 vaccine, but each one requires funding to continue. The large investment is due in part to the vaccine needing to be a long-term solution.

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No matter who makes the viable vaccine, Canadians will need access to it sooner rather than later. That means that the country needs to be ready to test and mass-produce as quickly as possible. Obviously, that sort of infrastructure costs a pretty penny.

The government of Canada had already announced that the action plan to fight COVID-19 would cost $82 billion. So, this amount spent on developing and distributing a vaccine could end up just a drop in the bucket. Here’s hoping it comes sooner rather than later!

Note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 concerns, we would like to remind everyone to review the Government of Canada’s online information database. This website will help you stay up to date on what’s going on, how to prepare, and best practices.

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