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8 things to do at home and around Calgary this week (May 4-8)

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Happy Sunday, everybody! We hope you had a good weekend and are ready for a great week. Don’t think it’ll be great? Not on our watch! Eat some delicious food, celebrate a hilarious holiday, or explore what the city has to offer.  Le’ts check out what this upcoming week has to offer.

Here are 8 things to do at home or around Calgary this week.

May the 4th be with you

This year might actually be the best year to celebrate May the 4th. Cozy up on the couch, and then take advantage of the fact that Disney+ has everything you can ask for. They’re even releasing The Rise of Skywalker tomorrow! If you haven’t used that free trial yet, now’s the time.

Sink into Cinco de Mayo

Yup, two back-to-back days worth celebrating. We think that for Cinco de Mayo all you should do is pick up a few cervezas, order from your favourite Mexican restaurant, and remember the 1862 Battle of Pueblo, the basis of the day.

Hit the club

But safely, of course. We’ve got a list of some virtual clubs to check out this week. Honestly, this is half wanting to authentically experience it and half just curious about how weird it could get in there. Wish us luck!

Pass GO, Collect $200

Think they have monetized Monopoly games? That would be cool to see. That’s not the point of this suggestion, though- instead, we think you should take the idea of a sidewalk-sized Monopoly board from Edmonton and just run with it.


Happy hour is every hour when you’re stuck at home. What? If there’s anything we’ve learned in isolation is that time does not matter. Well, if you wanna craft the perfect cocktail but don’t want to go to the store for an ingredient, this is the website for you. They’ll give you recipes based on what you already have in the house! Ahh, we’ll raise a glass to that.


So you may not be able to see your buds in person, but you can still have a gathering online. And Facebook’s new hangout extension,  Messenger Rooms, makes that super easy! You can get together with up to 50 of your closest friends on this awesome app.


Did you know that supermoons are 7% bigger and 15% brighter than regular full moons? Well, now you do. Check out what all the fuss is about on May 7th, when the final supermoon of the year lights up the sky. Fingers crossed for no clouds that night, hey?


Is guac extra? Not anymore, since you can recreate the beloved recipe right at home. Careful though, you might be spending all the money you saved buying avocados in bulk instead. Does it seem like most of these recommendations are geared around Cinco de Mayo? Is it deliberate or just dumb luck? We’ll never tell!

And those are 8 things to do at home and around this city this week. Now, get out there and enjoy yourselves! Summer is right around the corner, we’ve got to mentally prepare.

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