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Neighbourhood Guide: How to spend a day in Kensington

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If any neighbourhood is worthy of changing a C to a K, it’s Kensington. So here we go: K-town is the koolest spot in Kalgary. Oh god, it looks so wrong. But it feels so right. Keep reading for yet another Neighbourhood Guide, Calgary! Here’s all the best things to do during a day in Kensington.

Shop your woes away

couple vintage posing
Calgary’s favourite urban village is actually filled with consignment shops to snag designer labels at a fraction of the cost. Spend a few hours perusing Peacock Boutique, Trend Fashions, and Kensington Konsignment. You’ll be cuter for it.

Challenge your friends to a (not-so-casual?) game of Monopoly

spring calgary
Board games might be a thing of the past for you, but honestly, that’s just silly. With over 600+ games ranging from old school classics to newer releases, you’ll never run out of things to play during your day in Kensington! Consult the ‘Hexperts’ on the game recommendations and tips, grab a coffee and settle in for an entertaining afternoon with pals. Oh, and it’s only $2.50 per hour per person to play, so it’s inexpensive entertainment, to say the least.

Check out the wicked renos at Amato

amato gelato calgary
You can still find 72 flavours of gelato on the menu at this reno’d spot, but now you can get baked goods too. That’s right, you can now pair your iced treat with a pizza, a thought which is both frightening and exciting. All the goods are partially baked (or parbaked– yep, that’s a real word) in Italy and shipped directly to Amato. This means you’re basically taking a trip to Rome every time you order a rum-soaked babba cake or some bomboloni Nutella-filled doughnuts.

Go pinkies-up at a tea party

high tea party brasserie kensington
It’s not your grandma’s high tea, but don’t worry– she’s still invited. Brasserie Kensington is hosting a tea party every weekend, and it’s less crochet/Werther’s candies and more chic cocktails/modern appies. (Not that we’re knocking Grammy’s crochet or candy supply, ’cause we’re huge fans of both of those things.)

Hit K-Pub and get K-buzzed

pub at night calgary
Alright, you little hipster, here’s the neighbourhood pub you’ve been waiting for. Actually, it’s been waiting for you, because it’s been around for a while. If you’re looking for a small town ski-lodge feel in the city, then this is your spot. Sneak yourself up onto the tiny rooftop patio, grab a pint, and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Kensington street traffic!

Try an escape room with a 1 in 20 success rate (yikes)

trapped calgary
We gotta admit that being in Jack The Ripper’s dungeon was not at the top of our to-do list. Honestly, neither was escaping a Medieval Prison. But Trapped Calgary changed that! It’s time to buckle up for a high-stakes challenge, ’cause this is YYC’s biggest, most challenging escape room.

Embrace the glorious meat sweats

hayden block
With only a couple weeks till Stampede, we’re getting in a Western kinda mood. And what better place to do that than at Hayden Block?! This Kensington staple is absolutely killing it in the Texas BBQ game. Don’t take it from us, take it from their Memphis Smoker.

Let your inner bookworm roam free

the next page
The Next Page just opened in Inglewood, but its sister store Pages is just as good as always. Head over to learn some new words, get lost in a story, or just make it look like you are literate.

That’s all we got Calgary! Think we’ve put together a pretty solid day in Kensington. As always, let us know if you think we forgot something. Trust us, we take your constructive criticism seriously (we cry at night sometimes). Have fun out there!

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