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YYC Cycle co-founder opens a new shared Chef’s Kitchen

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The latest endeavour by the co-founder of YYC Cycle is focused on providing a professional coworking kitchen for Calgary chefs. Andrew Obrecht, along with his father Herbert, have just opened Coworking Culinary down in southeast Calgary. We bet a lot of local entrepreneurs are cursing to themselves for not thinking of this sooner.

At the nearly-4000 square foot kitchen, members will find everything a professional kitchen needs. From ovens to freezers and coolers to barbecues, and gas ranges, Coworking Culinary is a one-stop-shop.

coworking culinary calgary chefs kitchen

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Obviously, the Obrecht duo has done their research. Coworking spaces in Calgary have sprouted up constantly in the last few years, with over twenty of them now spread throughout town. Along with these spots giving affordable workspace to startups, they’ve also sparked some new life into Calgary’s entrepreneurial scene. Cool people doing cool things. Cool.

That’s precisely the idea behind Culinary Coworking. Meal-prep companies, specialty bakers, and farmers’ market vendors can rent storage space and cooking hours to take their companies to the next step. After all, removing the overhead of a brick-and-mortar space gives any type of company a huge boost and financial freedom.

As always, we’ll keep an eye out on more information and any news that comes from Coworking Culinary. In the meantime, start brainstorming for the next great Calgary idea. It’s probably closer than you think.

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