You could be the owner of a cold war bunker & missile silo on the Canada-US border

Via Pifers's Auction

In 2020 anything is possible. Who knows, weeks from now the ground could liquify. Aliens could land in your backyard. We could see the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. We’re just saying that it certainly wouldn’t hurt to prepare, and if the Walking Dead has taught us anything, it’s that shelter is a great place to start. Next week, consider placing an offer at Pifer’s Auctions for the ultimate end of the world dream crib – a new to you, Cold War bunker and missile silo.

Now, she’s a bit of a fixer-upper and it’s like a half-hour over the Canada-U.S. border in Walsh County, ND, but in a global emergency, it’ll definitely do you well.

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The site is completely surrounded by fences, and it sits on over 49 acres of land, so there’s tons of privacy and you’ll hardly feel stir crazy. Also, power hookups and water tanks are available nearby. Talk about ideal! 

Bidding on this ol’ gal starts at $0 USD, so it’s a potential steal and is set to kick off on Tuesday, August 11th. This means you have a few days to get your S.O. onboard with the idea.

Pifer's auctionsThis place practically screams “investment”- not to mention you’d be owning a piece of history! We’ve honestly spent money on worse things – so consider us your competition… unless you want to go splitsies on this thing.

Just think about it! Have your people call our people. We’ll be waiting…

Pifer’s Auctions – Cold War Bunker

When: Tuesday, August 11th, 2020
Time: 10 am