You can do a terrifying escape room at this abandoned sanatorium in BC

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This Canadian farm has a truly insane backstory tranquille farm

Hidden away on the outskirts of Kamloops, British Columbia lies a town. Not just any town, though. Nope, because Tranquille has got one of the most interesting histories of any Canadian community. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, and we’ll show you what we mean.

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Tranquille’s story begins in 1907, during the final years of tuberculosis essentially being a death sentence. To deal with a rising infected population, a sanatorium was built just outside of Kamloops. This more or less transitioned into a modern hospital during the next few decades.

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Also during that time, a small community is built around the Tranquille Sanatorium. Farms, a firehall, houses and more all sprung up as employees chose to build their lives close to their work. Makes sense.
By 1922, Tranquille was big enough to join forces with Cooney Ranch, a historical ranch on the property adjacent to the sanatorium.

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Once TB was more or less under control, the hospital closed in 1958, so that it could be converted into a mental institution that opened the following year. If we were betting folks, we’d say that during the next few decades some less than stellar stuff went down. Maybe that’s why locals think that the entire community is haunted.

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Finally, the sanatorium shut down in 1985, and Tranquille became a ghost town not long after. It’s a pretty perfect setting- small town, secluded sanatorium, creepy history… it’s the thrill-seekers trifecta!

And thanks to some new investors, you can explore Tranquille ’til your heart’s content. Tranquille Farm Fresh is the first step towards a new master-planned community in the area. And, they offer seasonal tours, events and even escape rooms!

Like last year’s ‘Escape From Padova’, which allowed guests to explore the underground tunnels that wind through the property. If being in a decades-old tunnel underneath an abandoned sanatorium doesn’t fire you up, then nothing will.

You can learn more about the history of this crazy ghost town, and check out Tranquille Farm Fresh’s plans for the future right here.

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