Yikes – BC woman ticketed over $300 for eating ramen while driving

Photo via @BCRCMPTraffic twitter

In what we are going to say is the goof of the week, a Kelowna woman has been caught and fined for eating ramen with chopsticks while driving. In her defence, she claimed that she was able to hold the bowl and the steering wheel with one hand while she ate with the other.

However, a judge rejected that defence, saying that if people are eating on the road, one hand must be dedicated to steering.

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In an even weirder turn of events, the Kelowna police service wrote a satirical tweet two years ago to the day warning against such behaviour. Now that’s some true poetry, holy moly. The age-old question has finally been answered- life imitates art.

We guess that the driver wasn’t following the BC RCMP at the time. If she was, she could have, you know, not eaten ramen while driving. Boom, the hefty fine and demerit points have been avoided.

We urge all would be ramen eaters to not be conducting a motor vehicle at the same time. It feels like a weird warning to give, but hey, if it’s happened once before.

You can read the full story on CBC.

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