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Canadian man charged after towing hot tub with a Porsche & DIY cart

Via Woodstock Police

As if it wasn’t already clear that 2020 has made the world collectively lose their minds, the Woodstock Police in Ontario pulled over and charged a fearless 54-year old man tugging a hot tub down the highway with a Porsche and a (poorly) homemade cart. Creative.

We’re all for duct tape and poorly made benches, birdhouses, and coffee tables, but we can in no way get behind a DIY that threatens the usability of a perfectly good hot tub. Is this little project revoltingly impressive? Well, yeah. But can we, in our right mind, encourage this recklessness? No ma’am, no sir! A Porsche is not meant to tug a jacuzzi, people. Leave luxury, comfort, and German craftsmanship out of your shenanigans.

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“All drivers on the roads should have a safe environment when travelling. Towing items such as trailers with larger items have the potential to cause a dangerous situation for everyone using the roadway.” the Woodstock Police said in a statement. 

“Had this hot tub became unattached from the homemade trailer that it was being towed on, it would have caused serious damage and injury to anyone in its path.”

Despite how serious this actually could have been, it’s hard to imagine that they didn’t have a bit of a chuckle in the privacy of their police vehicle. Luckily, no one was hurt and no damage was done. The hot tub is fine, the Porsche will rev another day, and the man… well, he learned his lesson, and also has a pretty good story to tell at parties.