Vancouver unofficially has Canada’s ‘chillest’ park

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Chances are high that your hip friends have already posted about it when they travel to Vancouver. If not, then let us introduce you to ‘Dude Chilling Park’. This staple in Mt. Pleasant is officially Canada’s most chill park, and for good reason.

dude chilling park

The park’s nickname started as a prank back in November, 2012. Local guerilla artist Viktor Briestensky installed a sign in reference to a piece of public art in the park. Naturally, the city took the sign down. But, people protested until it was brought back, this time with an official city seal on it.

So, the park enjoys two names- Guelph Park (the official) and Dude Chilling Park (city-sanctioned and unofficial).

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dude chilling park

As for the public art itself? It is a piece called ‘Reclining Figure’ and was created by Michael Dennis. Lovingly nicknamed ‘The Dude’, the sculpture was installed in 1991. It enjoyed over two decades of chilling before nature got to it and it had to be recast in bronze.


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Now, pilgrims to the park will see the sign, but unfortunately, the sculpture was sent back to the artists home on nearby Denman Island and has yet to return. Which is a shame, because the total cost associated with getting it back is $10k. There have been a couple of fundraisers for it, but none were successful.

Honestly, Vancouver just needs some rich person to step up to the plate and just pay for it. That way, this mostly chill park can return to its former, extremely chill glory.

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