Uber has big, boozy, bike-filled plans for 2019

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What’s next for Uber? Well, bikes, booze and scooters, of course! This year, things are getting spicy for the Canadian market. (And we’re not just talking about Fireball delivery on demand.)

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Managers from the ultra popular app just revealed that they plan on growing the company and offering a handful of new services to users. This means more options besides UberX, including e-scooters and bikes.

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But that’s not all. Uber Eats is getting a serious upgrade, too, with alcohol delivery being expanded to provinces beyond BC… so if you were hoping to pair your meal with a complimentary sip, you’ll be in luck.

Sounds pretty good if you ask us. Just try not to pair your delivery booze with an Uber scooter, ’cause that sounds like a straight-up DUI hazard.

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