Travel the world with Contiki’s biggest online sale ever

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Don’t feel like spending money on other people this weekend? Well then, we suggest checking out what the Contiki Cyber Weekend sale has to offer you. The legendary travel company is having its biggest online sale ever this weekend, with up to 30% off select trips.

There are dozens of trips included in the sale, so we picked a couple that caught our eye. Like the Peru Uncovered tour, where you can dart around the country and explore cities, jungles, and islands. We’ve always wanted to go to South America, and Peru is number one on the list of countries to see.

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Feel like Europe is more your speed? Then check out the Fiestas and Siestas tour, which visits the best cities in Spain and Portugal over a two-week span. Live it up in Barcelona before relaxing in Lisbon, and enjoy all that the two countries have to offer.

But seriously, these are just two offers that caught our eye, and you can see practically the entire world on with them. So make sure you check out the Contiki Cyber Weekend sale before it’s too late.

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