This picturesque town in Sicily is auctioning off homes for only €1

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Have a few dollars to spare? Congrat’s you can afford a home in Italy! In an attempt to breathe new life into their community, the mayor of Salemi, Sicily has opted to auction off several properties that had been abandoned during a 1968 earthquake.

This particular natural disaster saw that over 4,000 people had fled the area, which as you can imagine in a small town, had a major impact on the population.

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Apparently, despite its unparalleled beauty and close proximity to some of the region’s best vineyards, the town has never really recovered.

Now, in a final attempt to bring people to Salemi, Sicily, dozens of dwellings will be put up for auction with an incredible starting price of a single euro; and you don’t even have to be present to make an offer!

So what’s the catch? Well, you’ll be required to renovate the home within three years of purchase, and you’ll have to provide some kind of proof that you’re committed to doing so. Honestly, if you ask us, that’s a small price to pay for some sweet Italian real estate.

Now if you excuse us, we have to go buy some tile, a few curtains, and a one-way plane ticket.

For more information, you can dive into CNN’s explanation here, or head right to the site to see how the auction system works.