This ‘Adventure Basecamp’ you can rent just outside the Rockies is a dreamy winter getaway

Photo via VrboPhoto via Vrbo

When we think of winter getaways, our minds immediately go to cozying up by the fire in the mountains. We guess we’ve just got a hearty disposition. So, we’re very impressed by this ‘Basecamp for Adventure’ rental outside of Canmore, Alberta.

basecamp for adventure

Tucked into the Albertan foothills, the property offers the perfect mix of modern amenities and natural beauty. The ranch it sits on has been around since the late 1800s, and has been left practically untouched since then. The original log cabin is even still standing! But, it’s not available to rent/explore.

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basecamp for adventure

But, it’s the home that really sells the place. Created using hexagons, it provides open, airy spaces that are perfect for some RnR. Well, that and the fact that the couches look super comfy, as well.

basecamp for adventure

We are a little disappointed that we can’t make an ‘enter the octagon’ joke, but we’ll survive. The rental comfortably sleeps up to 10 people between the main house and the connected guest house. So, perfect for a little family getaway.

basecamp for adventure

Which is probably your best bet, since the average cost per night here is around $650. So, definitely something worth sharing with a few people inside your circle.


Our only piece of advice is that the rural setting means you’ll probably want an SUV to get here. Other than that, enjoy this secluded, wilderness retreat! For more information on it, click right here.