The proposed Calgary Flames Arena is almost a done deal

Via Rossetti and Calgary Flames

Look, we know we’ve told you multiple times that a new Calgary arena is close to being confirmed but this time it’s looking legit.

There is a proposal ready to be put in front of Calgary’s City Council on Monday and it’s a deal that involves a few major players. According to Councilor Ward Sutherland, the Flames, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, the Stampede Board, and also the City of Calgary all play roles in the deal.

The proposed location for the arena is at 12th Ave and 4th Street SE. This would be a huge boost for a somewhat derelict couple blocks of East Victoria Park, so that’s good news.

calgary flames new arena deal

Talk of a new Calgary arena has come in and out of the headlines for a long while, but this one seems to have everyone on board.

Also, this one doesn’t seem to break the bank. According to Sutherland, the price tag sits at around $600 million, which ain’t too bad at all.

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Although this arena will be just that, an arena, it will serve plenty of purposes for the future. Sutherland mentioned esports, e-entertainment, and virtual reality concerts as different things this venue could host.

Hey, we’re all for holograms of every major artist that avoided us the last few years to hop on stage. We’re looking at you, Timberlake, Beyonce, Biebs, etc.

Obviously, there is a lot of legal red tape to get through before the new Calgary arena actually gets approved. That being said, everyone involved is pretty confident about an agreement being made, so it’s okay to get a little excited.

We’ll keep you up to date on the whatever happens Monday, Calgary!

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