Calgary shuts down Panamount Panic haunted house after complaint

Via Global News

After several haunting years, one of Calgary’s spookiest spots will be a Halloween ghost town. Panamount Panic, a family-run haunted house, once brought the screams. But after a complaint from a neighbor, the City of Calgary has decided to put it to rest.

If you live in the Northeast community of Panaorma hills, you’re probably pretty familiar with the haunted house. If you don’t live in Panorama, you’re also probably pretty familiar with the haunted house. It’s legendary.

Neighbors and community members are now mourning this Halloween tradition. Halloween lovers, we’re sorry for your loss.

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“The reactions you get to see are super cool, that’s what makes it fun, makes us want to keep doing it,” creator, Quinn Monterram, told Global News. “We’ve been doing this for a few years. We haven’t had any issues.”

The family has already spent 75 hours preparing for the fright-tacular, and has one week to shut it all down completely. We seriously don’t remember the last time it took us 75 hours to do anything.

The city claims they’re not “anti-fun” but that a permit was never issued for such a large structure in a residential area. Further, they encourage anyone also planning something spooky to call 3-1-1 to avoid a similar situation.

So… Thoughts and prayers are with the family that now has to un-spiderweb and de-tombstone three days worth of lawn. Brutal.

We’ll be here watching for reactions from Calgary haunted house go-ers leading up to the goul-iday. Based on the popularity of the place, were guessing most will be pretty bummed.

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