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The Calgary Zoo’s ‘daily dose’ videos are exactly what you need today

Via @thecalgaryzoo / Instagram

The Calgary Zoo has gifted us with hours of quality entertainment through their panda cams. Now with their ‘Calgary Zoo Daily Dose at home,’ we worry that the days of paid productivity are gone. Sorry, boss, but that spreadsheet is going to have to wait. We’ll be over here educating ourselves on the swift fox and watching the penguin walk several times over.

The Zoo may be closed for the time being, but you can still experience the magic from home with their frequently uploaded videos and their Calgary Zoo Daily Dose activity sheets, perfect for keeping your kids busy while in isolation!

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But while you’re enjoying yourselves courtesy of the folks at the CZ, it’s important to remember that our zoo is a registered charity! Unfortunately, this means they too are feeling the effects of the current pandemic financially and need the public’s help.

If you’re in a position to help and would like to donate to The Calgary Zoo, you can do so here! Or if you were planning on purchasing a Zoo Membership for the future, it wouldn’t hurt to do so now!

Annual memberships actually start on the day of the guess first visit, not when they are purchased and are good for a year after that! Looking for a gift for mom, that friend, and her kidlet, or that grown animal enthusiast? Bam, zoo membership.

Now if you excuse us, we have pandas to get back to.

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