The Calgary Tower is 52 today! Here are 5 fun facts about it

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Well well well, this week is just full of big-time birthdays, isn’t it! YYC’s most iconic building, the Calgary tower is celebrating its 52 birthday today, which seems hardly possible. She doesn’t look a day over 30! In celebration of our beloved CT’s big five-two, here are 5 facts about the Calgary Tower, you may have not known!

The Calgary Tower has 802 Steps

Need to rock a solid 10,000 on your fit bit? Surprisingly, despite how tall it actually looks, the CT is only just over 800 steps, so you won’t clock it walking upwards here! It’s actually a heck of a lot more realistic than we thought!

The Calgary Tower wasn’t always The Calgary Tower.

The CT was actually renamed in honour of the city on November 1st, 1971! Almost 50 years ago, The Calgary Tower was actually known as the Husky Tower.

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The Calgary Tower would’ve cost over two billion dollars to build today.

When you look at a skyline staple like the CT, you might think “Wowza, that must’ve been expensive,” and you would be right! In 1967 when it was built, it cost $3.5 million, which would come to $2,227,619,565.22 today.

The builders actually lied about the height in order to throw off competitors

Everyone loves a little healthy competition, right? Before it was complete, builders actually told everyone that the Calgary Tower was only 614 feet tall, to throw off the team working on the San Antonian Tower. Only after it was finished did they release that it was actually 628 feet.

calgary tower stair climb

The Calgary Tower is actually the tallest Olympic torch in the Entire World

Lastly, before the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary, a $525,000 flame was placed on top of the Calgary Tower with a helicopter. It is now officially the tallest Olympic torch in the world!

There you have it, folks! 5 facts about the Calgary Tower to celebrate such a big day! Happy Birthday, ol’ gal. Here’s to 53 more!


Where: 101 9 Ave SW, Calgary

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