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The 5 weirdest things happening in Calgary this week

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Underneath the three-piece suits, inside those corporate buildings, and behind our trendy exterior, Calgary is, at its core, a city of very unique individuals. Sometimes, when us folks at Curiocity are looking for that next big story, we come across some rather interesting events. Events usually held by the most unique individuals, or honestly, just by people who are living their best life.  We’re not here to judge, we’re just here to share. Here are some of the weirdest things happening in Calgary this week!

Mr. Toilet: The World’s #2 Man at CUFF

Yeah, so this documentary is about poop, guys. Apparently, there’s a real-life person who is obsessed with toilets, and the Prime Minister of India asked him to make the country a defecation-free zone, and now you can watch the riveting story unfold on the big screen.

When: November 29
Where: The Globe Cinema, 617 8 Ave SW

15 ways to improve your horse farm website

Now that you mention it, our horse farm website could use a little TLC. Learn new and inventive ways to spruce up your very own horse farm website- but only if it’s a horse farm website, this Saturday.

When: November 30
Where: Amaretto Miniature Horses, Airdrie
Cost: Free

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Learn to be Psychic

Talk to Tupac and your future self for the low, low price of $50! At this event, you’ll learn over 50 ways to talk to the heavens AND understand the future. Apparently, all you have to do is “connect to the semi-permeable membrane that separates heaven and earth.” Huh. Well, we didn’t realize it was that easy, but now that we read the event invite, it’s all just so obvious. Thanks, Judy.

When: December 1
Where: Design your Life Studio, 2219 35 Ave NE #1
Cost: $50

Boomer Dance Party

Millennials and Gen Z’s are just the worst aren’t they? Escape their absurdity at the Boomer Dance Party! The ‘Live Boomer Dance Party Band’ (and we’re not joking that’s actually what they’re called,) will be playing all of your favorite songs from the 1950s through to the 1980s. Wow, what a time to be alive.

When: December 1
Where: Centre Street Steakhouse & Pub, 2820 Centre Street NE
Cost: $10

Famous Paintings ft. Your Dog

Ever look at the Mona Lisa and think, “yeah, that’s nice, but what it’s missing is my hamster’s face.” Well, today is your lucky day because one of the artists at this event will repaint your furry BFF in The Girl With the Pearl Earring if you want them to. We’re sure no one will feel uncomfortable in your living room with one of these masterpieces hanging over your fireplace.

When: December 1
Where: PopArts Studios, 535 8 Ave SE #104
Cost: $75

Well, we don’t know about you, but we already canceled our plans to make room for a few events on this list. We also cleared some space on our wall for a sick painting of a reimagined American Gothic with our dog.

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