This company accidentally made Calgarians think The Purge was coming

Via IMDB / The PurgeVia Napalmcaprice / Reddit

purge party

You’re invited to a purge party! 2018 was a better than average year for horror fans. Moviegoers got an Evil Dead, the first Conjuring film and World War Z, which was obviously the standout. 2018 was also the year we got The Purge. A movie that started a million conversations, sparked conspiracy theories and now, years later, caused a few Calgarians real panic.

Advertising can be straight forward or playful, but it can also be elusive and in some cases, like this one, alarming. YYC Junk, an environmentally friendly junk removal company, tried their hand at relevancy but ended up just scaring the crap out of some people.

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Now, we know some people would take one look at a mysterious flyer, see the word ‘purge’ and take it for what it is. A purge is just a house-wide cleanout. But others, like ourselves, would fall right into worst-case scenario. Blame it on Hollywood! We are almost positive that this is what these guys intended on doing. We hope, anyway. Golden opportunity, here guys!

People on Reddit were freaking out, someone said they were scared to visit the website.

We can’t help but compare this to the viral clown campaign for IT Chapter One. We see what you’re doing here, YYC Junk. Good show, unfortunately, we’ll have to decline our invitation to your purge party.