Take a guided tour of the Milky Way in Alberta at the world’s largest astronomy park

Via Jasper Planetarium

Growing up we were told we could be anything… except the president of the United States, a horse, or an astronaut. Luckily, because places like the Jasper Planetarium exist, we’re pretty thankful we were sent in a different direction.

It may not be ‘noble’, but now that we’re an adult and understand time, work, and sacrifice, we actually prefer to see the universe through a telescope lens, especially when that telescope is the biggest in the Rockies.

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Who needs to live cold and isolated in a rocketship when all that you need to enjoy a front-row seat to the universe is a couple of bucks and some time?

At the Jasper Planetarium, join one of their astronomy guides for an in-depth exploration of constellations, meteors, and matter. Wander the cozy grounds of the world’s largest accessible astronomy park, hear stories, and take a guided binocular tour of the milky way.

These folks have a ton of incredible different experiences in every price point and comfort level, plus they also have several festivals throughout the year some of which actually attract celebrities and feature incredible guest speakers.

Honestly, folks, this is a must-see for all of you cosmophiles out there. Jasper is only about 4 hours from Edmonton and 5 hours of Calgary, so it’s the perfect weekend getaway.

Who needs a spacesuit when you have some car keys? Happy gazing!


Where: 1 Old Lodge Rd, Jasper, AB
Cost: Prices vary