Sunscreen at the ready! Calgary forecast calling for weekend high of 26°C

Via @_bmah / InstagramVia Weather Network

Are you hydrated? You better be, YYC, because this weekend is going to be hot as hell! According to this weekend’s forecast, Calgary is going to see blue skies and a ton of sun.

A lot of us are still a little bit hesitant to go outside and resume their regularly scheduled summer. Some will need a pretty good reason to take that first step, and this might be it. This weekend, if you’re comfortable, go for a walk, get a tan or hang out in the park! Vitamin D does the body good!

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If you’ve already been out and about, grab a patio beer, an ice cream, or go for a leisurely float down the river. There are also a ton of Stampede events still going on this weekend, so you won’t want to miss a beat.

The last few have been pretty dreary and wet, so this weekend’s high of 26°C, will be a nice change of pace! It will be a tad windy, but when it’s as spicy as it will be Saturday, that might actually be nice.

Really soak it up guys, because unfortunately, Mother Nature couldn’t just let us get away scot-free. On Sunday the Weather Network’s Calgary forecast predicts that we’ll likely wind things down with a full day of thunderstorms. But that’s fine! It’ll be fine!

Throw on some shades and keep looking on the bright side, friends. It’s going to be a nice one… for the most part!