WinSport begins demolishing historic Olympic Bobsled track

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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” – Semisonic, Closing Time. Deep, but relevant now that Winsport has begun demolishing the historic Calgary Olympic Bobsled track, after announcing the closure in February.

The track has been a hotbed for athletes across Canada in the colder months. But after 33 years of wins, losses and learning experiences, the medalists and rookies alike who called the track home are saying goodbye to the original structure.

This will be the very first time the track will be closed in 30 years which is concerning to some sliders. Now, they’ll have to train in Whistler which means they will have to rework the entire recruitment system.

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WinSport had received $17 million in provincial and federal funding to have the track renovated.  Not bad, right? Wrong. The entire track still needed to be re-refrigerated and completely updated, meaning those funds weren’t enough.

Also, WinSports CEO, Barry Heck, said they were counting on a bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games to raise funds. Unfortunately for them, Calgarians voted against it last November. Obviously, that left WinSports in the hole (an $8 million hole, to be exact).

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It’s not all bad though! Because of the construction, Calgary is now able to host the Slopestyle World cup later this year. WinSport Calgary plans on expanding and modernizing the free-style skiing terrain which will be done just in time for the SSWC’s.

You win some, you lose some, right Calgary? WinSport has stated that they do remain committed to eventually rebuilding portions of the track. It will take some time though because they’ll have to reconsider their financing options.

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