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Save $tacks on $tacks with Brightside

Photo via Fabian Blank

Let’s face it. Living in Calgary ain’t cheap. Especially if you’re trying to take advantage of all the amazing things the city has to offer. Our friends at Brightside have been hooking you up with savvy saving tips (and hot ca$h prizes) all summer long, but coming soon, they’ll be launching something that will help you save even more.

Brightside is building a mobile banking app to help you save for the things you love. Launching later this year, Brightside will offer a fully digital experience to sign up, open accounts, and start using easy and fun savings features – all designed to work in connection with your current bank. Their goal is to let you YOLO responsibly and we’re totally on board with that.

So let’s put it to the test. We connected with Issey who works on the Brightside team in Calgary. She’s been testing out Brightside’s savings features before they launch. Here’s how she saved $153.12 in one week with Brightside.

So, I want to save more (doesn’t everyone?) but the extra cash isn’t just laying around. I’ve committed to a trip to the UK coming up this fall and I’m going to use Brightside to save for it. I’ve decided to try all three savings features at once, but it’s super easy to turn these features on and off if I want to switch things up.


Each time I spend, Brightside stashes away the change. All I had to do is connect Brightside to the account I spend out of and it automatically rounds up on my purchases. You can round up $1, $2 or $5. I chose $2 (let’s not get crazy here) and went about my week. Americano Misto with Oat Milk, $4.15, Brightside Round Up, $1.85. SkipTheDishes for dinner, $16.78, Brightside Round Up, $1.12. With RoundUps, saving while spending is easy (and I don’t even notice it!).

Challenge Accepted

I’ll admit, Uber is my vice. There’s no way I could give it up but I could cut back (why not get more steps in while the weather’s nice, right?). Brightside allows you to challenge yourself to spend less in a certain category (restaurants, coffee, rideshare) and then save what you don’t spend. My challenge? Spend less than $100 this week on rideshare. I spent $70. That’s $30 in savings to my Brightside account.

Set and Forget

Money in my account burns a hole in my pocket. I set up Save Automagically with Brightside to transfer $100 from my chequing account every time I get paid. Since it’s automatic I don’t have to worry about remembering to transfer or get tempted by the extra funds. This week is payday so $100 moves into my Brightside account which I’ve named “London Loot” to keep my eye on the prize.

One Week Savings Breakdown

Round Ups: $23.12
Challenges: $30
Automagic Savings: $100
Total: $153.12

Brightside is coming soon, but while you wait, they still want to add $tacks to your summer savings. Join their waitlist at and you’ll be automatically entered to win a $750 prepaid Mastercard (and more cool prizes to come) with Random Acts of Brightside: Summer Edition. By being on the list, you’ll also be the first to have access to Brightside when they launch later this year. And don’t forget to follow the excitement on IG @HiBrightsider (they’re full of savvy surprises).


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