Sad news: two Calgary public pools will be closing in January

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We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it’s looking like two pools will be closing in Calgary this winter. Both the Inglewood Aquatic Centre and the Beltline Aquatic Centre have been named. Citing the age of the facilities and ‘changing citizen preferences’, the centres are no longer viable for funding.

You might be thinking to yourself, well alright, the Repsol Centre is still around. And you’d be right, but let’s think for a moment about the importance of community facilities.

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Not only do the centres offer a space for members of the neighbourhood to be active and social, they also host a variety of camps and programs for all ages. Plus, they offer after school programs for schoolchildren so that their parents can work full hours.

Ok, the rant’s over. But we’re hoping that a private company might step up to the plate and revamp the centres instead of just eliminating them entirely. We know that it’s a long shot, but we’d love to see a something similar to Average Joe’s pop up next summer.

We know we would convince all of our friends to cancel their gym memberships and hit up some Calgary pools instead.