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Rental of the Week: The most expensive rental in Calgary

Via Citysearch Rental Network Inc.

What’s up, peeps? We’ve got another Curiocity Calgary Rental of the Week feature for you, and this one is straight-up bananas. It’s definitely out of our wheelhouse, but who knows, maybe some of you have Kylie Jenner-type money. Regardless, let’s dive into this bad boy and see what the Calgary rental of the week has to offer.

calgary rental of the week

Typically, a house of this size would be solely on the for sale market. That being said, leasing luxury is obviously an option for Calgary’s wealthiest folks.

calgary rental of the week

Sitting on one hell of an estate in Mount Royal, this mega-home could comfortably fit you and about 10 of your friends. Unfortunately, you’d all still need to be making decent bank to afford the monthly costs.


Featuring four bedrooms, at least five bathrooms, a couple of offices, wet bars, and a kitchen straight out of a magazine, this place has it all. Honestly, we’re not sure who would spend the money to rent this place month after month, but hey, nothing wrong with a flex.


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Also, you’ve got a huge pool table and wine cellar to go along with a three-car garage. Obviously, you and your nine roommates will have to pick straws for parking spots.

calgary rental of the week

This entire property is available to rent for $14,500 a month. Worth it? We don’t know, that’s a lot of dough to live in someone else’s home. Regardless, it’s not like we have the cash to have a say in the matter.

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