Rental of the Week: Live on top of a barn for $1500 a month

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Ok, first, rude. Second, we weren’t raised in a barn, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live above a workshop for our rental of the week. Allow us to paint you a picture of the rural Alberta advantage, and why we think you should try the reverse of ‘Babe: Pig in the City’.

Rental of the Week: Why bother with the address?

rental of the week

Settled on a private, gated farm that’s 15 minutes west of Calgary, this 2 bedroom loft sits above a workshop that is apparently only used ‘sporadically on weekends’. Hey, fine by us, just as long as we can get started on our newfound passion for woodworking. We’ll pay for materials, of course.

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Now, the ad mentions horses, dogs, cats, bees on the farm, but nothing about whether or not we can play with them. What’s the point of simply knowing that there’s a dog zooming around somewhere if we can’t set up a tetherball court against it? It just doesn’t add up.

ford bronco

And another thing. The renters make a note of mud on the farm, but not the activity of mudding. Come on, we didn’t jack up our 1967 Ford Bronco to not go get it stuck with the boys… Isn’t that the whole point of a tractor?

rental of the week

So, this rental of the week leaves us with just about as many questions as it does answers. Here’s what we suggest- take the ad down, think about whether or not you want to deal with people like us (there are dozens!) then bring it back as an extended staycation for city slickers.

If you don’t care about anything we just said, you can check the ad out here.