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Reese Witherspoon confirms ‘Legally Blonde 3’ is coming with a surprise celeb writer

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Snaps from all of us Gemini vegetarians! We’re incredibly excited to announce that Reese Witherspoon herself, just confirmed that they will, in fact, be making a Legally Blonde 3.

We’ve been ready and waiting for this for 17 years, guys. Elle Woods made a lasting impression on us, practically defining a generation. Whether it’s your vocabulary, style, or drive, she made her mark, empowered us, bonded us, and had us laughing hysterically.

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In addition to reprising her iconic role as the sorority girl turned lawyer, Witherspoon will co-produce the film through her company Hello Sunshine. Comedy queen Mindy Kaling (Yes!!) and Dan Goor, creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will write the screenplay and we … will be happy crying the entire time.


We’re not going to lie, guys, this news made us a bit emotional. We’re die-hard fans. Like, visit Harvard in a Wood’s inspired outfit, could recite the entire film, almost went to law school because of the movie, die hard. To say that this is a big day for us, would be an understatement.

We’ll keep you guys updated as we hear more information, but for now, after years of asking for Legally Blonde 3, we can confidently say “We did it!” 

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