RCMP issue several $1,200 tickets to Americans hiking in Banff

Via Unplash

Looks like the RCMP is taking things to the next level, folks! They recently confirmed to CTV News that they’ve been issuing some decently hefty fines to Americans who were found to be hiking in the Banff/Lake Louise areas.

The tickets came in response to a couple of complaints made to RCMP by locals in the typically tourist-filled area. According to the non-essential border closure between Canada and the US, Americans can pass through these areas on their way to Alaska. That said, they can’t make a day-trip out of it or enjoy the sights as these folks did.

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Six of the seven tickets were issued between June 16th and June 18t and all of them came in with a hefty fine of $1,200. But that’s nothing compared to what happens if you lie to a border agent about essential travel. In fact, that could lead to someone being in violation of the Quarantine Act, where people could be subject to up to $750,000 in fines and six months in prison. Yikes.

Alright, folks! Remember that no matter where you’re traveling to right now to remain safe and respectful. Cheers!

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