Premier Jason Kenney announces Alberta economic recovery plan

Via Alberta Governemnt / Youtube

In an effort to breathe life back into the province, Premier Jason Kenney has announced a new economic recovery plan for Alberta. The plan will cut corporate taxes, create jobs and new infrastructure, have ‘industry targeted’ initiatives, and create a new investment agency. Let’s check it out.

By spending nearly $10 billion on new structures, the premier hopes to create work for 50,000 people within the health care industry, schools, drug treatment centres and in oil and gas among other things.

Obviously this sounds just as expensive as it does ambitious but we hope he’s right! Things have changed so drastically in the last few months and Alberta is hurting for jobs.

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As for his other plans to revitalize Alberta’s economic state like implementing corporate tax cuts, Kenney said they will be lowering the rate from 10 percent to 8 percent as soon as this Wednesday, July 1st.

He also plans on giving the Alberta Enterprise Corporation a $175 million incentive to employ workers and provide venture capital to start-up companies. Wowza!

Lastly, but opening a new agency which he is calling Investment Alberta, province reps will be able to pitch our services to international investors.

“Albertans have risen to the challenge to the pandemic,” he said. “Now we must extend that same culture of resilience to overcoming the greatest economic challenge of our time.”

“We must save lives and livelihoods,” he added. As we said, we hope that this will be as effective as he makes it sound. We need help right now, and we’re crossing our fingers for a ‘W’.

As we hear more about this, we’ll keep you guys updated, but until then, stay safe, stay sane and stay positive!

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