Plot twist: Alberta is about to get Canada’s largest solar farm

Photo via Pexels

Huh? Alberta is about to get Canada’s largest solar farm? And we already have Canada’s largest wind farm? What? Well, colour us impressed, because we had no idea. Here’s a quick rundown on the plan.

CBC has reported that Calgary-based company Greengate Power has received the green light to install 1.5 million solar panels outside of Vulcan. The Southern Alberta town is best known for its fanatical devotion to Star Trek, but now, it might just become a major player in renewables.

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solar project

The project is slated to generate roughly 400MW, which is 4 times as much as the next largest solar farms in Ontario. In other words, the project will make enough power for 100,000 homes once it’s complete. Construction is supposed to begin next year, and will inject around 750 jobs into the province.

Moreover, the project does not require public funds to complete. As the cost of renewables continues to decrease, we have a feeling that Canada’s largest solar farm is Alberta’s start as a renewable resource powerhouse.

We for one welcome the new projects. Here’s hoping there are many more to come.

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