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Pick the perfect pumpkin at this massive Calgary Autumn Festival

Photo by Charles DeLoye on UnsplashVia Calgary Farmyard / Facebook

Don’t look outside. Look at us. Right here. We think we need to remind you that regardless of what is on the ground right now, it is still fall. Things will get better and when they do, you’ll be looking to make the most of the season. Button your plaid Calgary, because the minute the snow is done melting our city will go back to being autumn aesthetic AF. And what says fall more than a good ol’ pumpkin festival? Enjoy an afternoon of gourds and goats at the Calgary Farm Yard.

There’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect sister squash because they practically have a million to choose from. A pumpkin canvas for every Halloween artist and a pie filling for every Martha Stewart wannabe.

Get baaaashful at the petting zoo, with the incredibly socialized farm animals. There are miniature horses, cows, sheep, their meme-able cousins (goats), and an entire ‘ville’ dedicated to bunnies.

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Test your strength at the hay bale lift or smoke your pals in a “friendly” game of ski-ball. If you lose a bet playing one of their many arcade games settle on double or nothing at the mini-golf course.

Come with an appetite, but don’t eat before you go on the rat rollers…a simple contraption consisting of a giant tire and a track. We’re not sure if there is an actual trick to the whole production, or if it’s just designed to make you look like a total fool and then also get sick. Either way, we’re down to check it out.

calgary autumn pumpkin festival

Munch on burgers, corndogs, and hotdogs, or crunch your way through a party-sized bag of kettle corn without any judgment from us. It’s spooky season, people, you’re free to indulge.

When the sun starts to go down, turn your flashlight app towards the entrance of Southern Alberta’s largest corn maze and wander around aimlessly.

calgary autumn pumpkin festival

Until finally by chance, you end up back to where you started. Hey, there are worse places to wind up lost than at the Calgary Pumpkin Festival. Good luck.


When: Saturdays and Sundays all October long
Where: 284022 Township Rd 224, Rocky View
Cost: $14.95 per person

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