Parks Canada has set up a 10 km no-stopping zone in Alberta to protect wildlife

Via Unplash Ben Owens

We’re certainly not the only species who needs to physically distance our selves right now! Parks Canada has just established a temporary 10-km no-stopping zone in order to protect the wildlife along the TransCanada highway from the Alberta-British Columbia boundary to Field, B.C.

Recently, several rare grizzlies and their furry families have been spotted and disturbed by the public. Listen, guys, we know that they’re super cute and that photographs last a lifetime, but these bears need space to roam and feed. Their wellbeing is a lot more important than a post on Facebook. Not only that, but traffic congestion has also been a pretty big issue lately.

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Much like the TransCanada wildlife no-stopping zone, Jasper has also just recently enforced an order discouraging anyone from going within 100 metres of bears, cougars, or wolves, or within 30 metres of elk, moose, and caribou among others.

By disregarding either measure, visitors could face anywhere from a $115 ticket to a spicy $25,000 fine and a day in court. We’re no lawyer, but we think it might be in your best interest to listen to the signs, folks!

Luckily, as we said, this is a temporary order! The rules will be lifted on July 9th, depending on the whereabouts of Alberta and BC’s Berenstain’s.

Until then, please just leave the poor guys alone, they’re just trying to find some grub!