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Donation from Monki Bistro puts distance-friendly picnic tables in Mills Park

Via Monki Bistro

Once we get through the rain and the hail… Calgary is supposed to be seeing quite the summer! Bike rides, Ice Cream shops and picnics are headed our way in the coming months, but where will you catch some rays? Inglewood’s Mills Park is a beautiful little green space in the SE community, and thanks to a generous donation from YYC’s Monki Bistro, not only is it a great place to play, it’s a great place to sit.

As a way of giving back to the community, Monki Bistro, in collaboration with Calgary Parks, the City of Calgary and Inglewood, has supplied Mills Park with several locally crafted spruce wood picnic tables.

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According to Monki’s Instagram, the goal is to give Calgarians one more way to enjoy the city’s greenery while also staying safe. Each picnic table was made with love from scratch and set up for comfortable, and distance-friendly public use!

Gosh, we love us a good deed! Snaps for Monki Bistro and everyone involved with the donation, this is awesome!


Where: 1520 9 Ave SE, Calgary

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