Local Laundry launches new line with proceeds going to COVID relief

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Does anyone else remember what it feels like to wear jeans? Blazers? Literally anything but sweatpants and a rotation of the same 3 t-shirts? Neither. What if we told you that you could dress for comfort but also do so for good? Calgary-based Local Laundry has actually launched another one of their super cozy hoodies and all proceeds will aid frontline workers and those financially or physically affected by the pandemic.

Every dollar spent on their brand new Healthcare hoodies will go toward the Calgary Community Response Fund for COVID-19. Nicely done, peeps.

The CCRF is a collaboration betweeen theUnited Way of Calgary and the City of Calgary. Together, these guys support community agencies that are helping vulnerable Calgarians during the COVID health crisis. This includes the elderly, ill, and the homeless or those who are new to the country.

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These zip-up sweaters were made right here in Canada out of organic bamboo cotton from Rayon. Fun fact, they were actually brought back by popular demand! This particular hoodie was originally created for the nurses of the NICU and PICU at the Children’s Hospital.

The particular design was chosen because the front zipper was actually the most practical style for doctors and nurses. “These workers don’t have the time to take off all their ID badges and stethoscopes when they need to take a layer off or put one on.” Said their website.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering one of these hoodies, check out their website here! Stay safe, stay clean and stay comfy, Calgary! That shouldn’t be too hard if your lounging in swag from Local Laundry.

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