Canadian coding school offers $500,000 in scholarships to COVID affectees

Via Glenn Carstens-Peters / UnplashVia Lighthouse Labs

lighthouse labs

There’s no doubt that the COVID outbreak will leave a mess behind, one we’re cleaning up long after the self-isolation order has been lifted. Thankfully, the government, your neighbours and companies like Lighthouse Labs are here to help.

Lighthouse Labs have been educating go-getters in the art of software development for 6 years, and now in response to the pandemic, they have put together a $500,000 scholarship program to aid those affected by Coronavirus. This could make a world of difference for people!

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“These scholarships will help provide many people across the country with skills that can launch new careers, and get them back to work during these unsettling times,” they state on their website.

This scholarship will apply to both full and part-time courses and are accessible to almost anyone! $5,000 will be offered to those taking full-time classes, with $750 going towards part-timers.

To apply, all you have to do is:

  1. Submit an application for one of their boot camps
  2. Complete the scholarship application by submitting a written essay to determine eligibility.
  3. Complete the admissions process
  4. Then, begin preparing for bootcamp

For more information on their boot camp, their mission or their scholarship you can check out their official website here!

Good luck to everyone who chooses to apply. Who knows, maybe you’re the next Zuckerberg!

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