Inglewood FINALLY has its first cannabis shop

Via @aylmernelsonVia Aylmer Nelson Cannabis Via @aylmernelson

Attention, dudes and dudettes. This week, Inglewood is officially becoming Ingleweed! Hail Mary [Jane]! Yes, you got it, one of Calgary’s hippest ‘hoods is getting even more…hipper? Aylmer Nelson Cannabis is opening on May 23rd and will be Inglewood’s only weedery.

The guys behind the brand are born and raised Calgarians, Mack Andrews and Jeff Noble. This endeavor was a joint effort (hehe), and a total career uprooting for the both of them. Saying ‘see ya never’ to the corporate life, these guys took on a whole different industry with all they had.

Aylmer Nelson Cannabis

For the past two years, they’ve been grinding through the challenge of bringing their vision to life. Although it’s been a tough environment for independent brands to make their mark, they finally made it. Many snaps to these local boys, ‘cause ANC is finally opening.

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aylmer nelson cannabis

Located on the corner of 9th Ave and 12th St SE, this spot is unmissable. Local artist Cassie Suche collab’d with the minds behind ANC to create this beautiful mural, adding to the neighbourhood’s unique landscape. And this is exactly the type of culture ANC is planning on bringing to Inglewood.

Aylmer Nelson Cannabis

Walking into ANC is like walking into a friends apartment. And no, we’re not talking tipped over bongs and opened Dorito bags. It’s actually been beautifully and thoughtfully decorated by local designer Kat Ramsvik. Together they set out to create an inviting, eclectic space that puts people at ease. With a fun yet chill vibe, this weed shop is totally unparalleled in Calgary’s current cannabis scene.

ANC is here to supply people with products that deepen the connections they have. Whether it be connecting people further to their passions or helping them discover new and exciting interests, Aylmer Nelson makes a stand for giving talented people a platform to do their thing.

Well, pals, that’s all we have for now. I guess we’ll just have to THC-you at Aylmer Nelson!

Aylmer Nelson

Grand Opening: May 23 from 10 AM – 10 PM
Where: 1309 9 Ave SE