If you’ve seen these 7 things in Calgary, you’re a true Calgarian

Via Calgary Roughnecks

Alright, so we’ll come clean with you guys. We’re Joe Goldberg stans. The You universe has brought us more joy since it was released then we’d like to publically admit. Stay with us, we have a point here! We’re deciding on the 7 totems of Calgary.

One episode in season two of the show really made an impression on us. In the midst of the obscurity and chaos that was episode 6, the characters mention the 7 totems of Los Angeles.

In order to be a true Angelican, you had to see all seven totems. They include things bizarre but common to locals, like a burning palm tree or a dog in a stroller. It got us here at Curiocity thinking: What in the heck are the 7 totems of Calgary?

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Well, we asked around and we think that we’ve come up with a pretty solid list. So, without further adieu, here are the 7 totems of Calgary! See all 7, and you’re a true Calgarian!

1. The parakeet guy in The Core
2. A lifted truck with balls and an “I Love Oil & Gas” sticker
3. A person in a cowboy hat getting arrested
4. Someone spilling the Dome beer that they just bought on the way back to their seat (double points if they were double fisting)
5. A parade of horses in the middle of downtown
6. Both escalators in service at the Chinook movie theatre
7. A Lime scooter covered in snow

How many have you seen? Did we miss anything? What would your totems of Calgary be? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook!

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