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Home of the Week: A magnificent mega-mansion with a private beach

Via Sothebys Realty

Greystone Manor

Modesty? Yeah, we never heard of her. There isn’t a single square inch of this Curiocity Calgary Home of the Week that even whispers “humble.” At Greystone Manor, no stone was left behind, no tile was left unmarbled, and no chandelier was left un-purchased.

The exclusive home has 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a 7 car garage. We’re not sure what purpose this serves, other than to make us and our studio apartment feel insultingly itty bitty.

Let’s take a look at this place, shall we?


Opulence is the word at Greystone Manor.

It’s hard not to imagine feeling like royalty in this 6,780 square foot palace. Honestly, we think it would go straight to our heads. Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have manor money? (Ha, we’re not even fooling ourselves in saying that.)

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The interior is decked out in carved maple panelling, rope and dart moulding and “glazed groin-vaulted and barrel ceilings.” Which is rich speak for expensive wood, fancy trim, and unique ceilings.

To our surprise, the kitchen is delightfully standard. Besides the copper detailing and onyx countertops, it looks like a lot of the other kitchens we’ve seen before. How refreshing! Don’t get used to it.

The bedrooms in this pad are grand, featuring gorgeous light fixtures, huge closets, spa-like ensuites, and in some cases, a balcony and fireplace. See! We told you guys not to get used to ‘above average.’

The home also has a Playboy mansion-style grotto, with waterfalls and a gazebo, and it also backs on to a private beach. A freaking beach! There’s also a sound-insulated cinema room, billiards room and a recording studio. We’re not sure this would come in handy to just anyone, but it makes for a good flex.

This architectural masterpiece will only run you a $6,980,000 but will save some money for gas. Greystone Manor is 30 minutes to downtown on a good morning, but it’s worth it for that sweet, sweet beach.

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