Great job, YYC! Only 4 tickets & 9 warnings have been given out since masks became mandatory

Via Anna Shvets / PexlesPhoto via Shutterstock

Give yourself a pat on the back, YYC! According to the emergency management agency, only 4 tickets and 9 warnings have been issued since August 1st, when council voted to make masks mandatory in the city of CalgaryWell done, folks!

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone but 13 people in the entire city have participated willingly…

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Bylaw officers have also received quite a few complaints – however, the number seems to be dropping as people have come to realize that wearing a mask is not all that bad.

Between July and October 25th 1,330 reports have been made, but officials say that they were reasoned with and eventually had voluntarily complied. How civil!

Hmm, we wonder if maybe that has something to do with the $1,000 fine.

All in all, we think we’re doing a pretty great jo, with this whole ‘mandatory masks’ thing, Calgary. We’re proud of you!

Keep it up, and stay safe, folks.