Google just bought a Canadian holographic eyewear company

Via @FocalsbyNorth / Instagram

Does anyone remember Google Smart Glasses? The ‘future of VR’? No? Yeah, we didn’t think so. We think even they would agree that they weren’t as successful as they once believed they would be. Maybe the second time’s a charm because they’re at it again even looking to us Canucks for help.

The tech giant has actually acquired the rights to a pretty fly looking pair of holographic specs, designed and created by a Canadian startup company, aptly named North. Please join Google in welcoming Focals to the mainstream!

The company, which was founded in Kitchener Ontario 8 years ago, said that the acquisition was a ‘great fit’ and expressed their excitement in a public statement made on their website.

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These glasses are unlike anything we’ve seen before. For one, they’re actually modern and wearable, but more importantly, they work. These everyday smart glasses have built-in retinal projection as well as prescription compatibility, which we can appreciate. Shoutout to our fellow four eyes. 

North is a proudly Canadian company and said that despite working in alignment with Google, they will remain in their current offices… which we can only assume will get a few upgrades, because they made bank. The deal reportedly cost Google $180 million, which we hope is fair?

The glasses will cost around $1,000 a pair, but there is no word on when or how Focals by Google and North will be available. You can sure bet your bottom dollar that we’ll be waiting! This is huge!

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