Get ready, Calgary, we’re in for a beautiful weekend!

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Well, well, well, YYC. We’ve almost made it! Another Friday eve is upon us and we’ll all be scrambling to make weekend plans come quitting time. This time around, we’d recommend spending as much time (safely) out and about as possible, because according to the Calgary weather forecast, we’ve got a beautiful few days ahead of us!

Summer is well past its halfway point, so by now, you probably already know what outdoorsy-type activities will help you beat the heat. Whether its a hike, walk, a bike ride, a picnic or BBQ, you’ll be cozy warm under a mid-August sun this weekend.

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For the first time in a long time, we’re not expecting any rain. None at all, people! Honestly, this is kind of incredible because week after week, no matter how hot, we’ve seen a drizzle a shower or a storm.

Because it will be pretty dry, make sure you have sunscreen and water on hand for any strenuous, long term outdoor activity. This goes for Sunday especially, when we’ll hit our 3-day high of 26°C. Spicy. 

Ahhh, not too shabby if you ask us! As always, remember to check the Calgary weather forecast before heading out, as it can change on a dime! Now… go on with your bad selves and enjoy folks. You deserve it!