Free rent boosts business at New Horizon Mall

Photo via New Horizon Mall website

new business owners new horizon mall

If you’ve been to New Horizon Mall in the past few months, you might’ve noticed a stray tumbleweed or two. The place still has a fair share of empty storefronts, but a pre-Xmas bonus helped attract a lot more tenants to the ghost town.

In order for the 320,000-sq-ft shopping centre to rent out its 517 vacant stalls, it offered a $5,000 incentive to any owners who could fill their spaces before the holiday season… and it seems to have worked. Things are looking a little more chipper around that part of town, with New Horizon slowly approaching its goal of having half of the spots filled.

new horizon mall

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And hey, when you’re offered three to six months of free rent, you’d be silly to pass it up. Chioma Osi took advantage and opened Flawless Rack, and she says the traffic has only improved since her move-in in December.

If this trend continues, the mall might just reach its goal of having half its spots filled by June 2020. Till then, we’ll try and make the best of the abandoned warehouse aesthetic.

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