Feds give Calgary $110 million for two new Arts expansions (PHOTOS)

Via Calgary Arts CommonsVia Calgary Arts Commons

The Calgary Arts Commons and Contemporary Calgary are getting a combined $110 million from the federal government. Also, the two projects are expected to be completed in the next couple of years. Take notes, Flames Arena!

As per CTV News, the Calgary Arts Commons building will be given $80 million and the Centennial Planetarium the remaining $30 million. Damn, spread the wealth, people!

arts commons calgary

The first phase of the Arts Commons Calgary expansion will be the introduction of a 173,000 square foot performance centre. Inside, there will be three new theatres with 1,500 total seating. Also, it’s going to look spectacular.

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Along with that, the second phase will focus on renovating existing Arts Commons properties. Well, if these pictures are anything to go off of, we’re in for something special.

arts commons calgary

Next, the Centennial Planetarium, aka the old Science Centre, will be getting a cool 30 mil for renos. To be fair, it’s already been rebranded as Contemporary Calgary and looks pretty fricken’ nice.

That being said, the people behind Contemporary Calgary want it to be a world-class modern art gallery, so we’re excited about them getting the extra cash. After all, another option to spend an afternoon at the gallery is very welcome.

Although this sounds like great news, the money is contingent on other levels of government also paying up. Obviously, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that happens.

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