“Expect delays!” Canada Post overwhelmed with quarantine purchases

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Well… we did it. We practically broke Canada Post. The influx in purchases has completely overwhelmed the system, and despite the fact that deliveries have hit a record-breaking high, we can all expect delays in the coming weeks.

According to a press release sent out Tuesday, in addition to just a ton of parcels, Canada Post has received more large-sized items than ever before. This makes sense, considering nationwide closures have forced people to purchase things that they would typically get in stores, like furniture.

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The post office has seen an alarming, but steady incline since April, hitting an all-time, one-day record May 19th. Last Tuesday, they delivered an astounding 2.1 million packages to Canadians.

That’s not one, not two, but three times more than they usually receive at this time of the year.

“We are taking steps to respond while maintaining physical-distancing. That includes processing and delivering on weekends and additional support from trained temporary employees,” they said in the release.

In order to reduce delays, Canada Post has said they will be sending parcels to other postal locations based on capacity, and that you shouldn’t be alarmed if your tracking looks different than it typically does. Oh, man.

So.. that settles it. We’re done self-pity shopping. This has gotten out of hand guys. Consider our spontaneous blow up hot tub purchase cancelled. From here on out, we’re only ordering the essentials. We can do better!

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