Drumheller to reward mask wearers with ‘Dino Bucks’ a recognized currency, and no we’re not joking

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Oh, Drumheller. You wholesome little valley town, you. Just when we thought you couldn’t get cuter, you do this! Turns out, all that you have to do to get people to cooperate in a pandemic is first, establish a form of currency, give it a quirky name, then, finally, reward people for following the rules. Introducing ‘Dino Bucks,’ a 100% real thing that we swear we didn’t just make up.

The program, which was announced this week, encourages retailers to reward customers with the fictional tender for doing things like wearing a mask, sanitizing their hands and social distancing in indoor public places.

“We wanted to find a positive way to encourage people to wear masks rather than using enforcement,” said Darryl Drohomerski, CAO of Drumheller.

Honestly, it’s actually not a terrible idea. Is it a little silly? Sure – but people typically respond better to affirmations than they do to punishment.

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It’s not like they cheaped out or anything either. The vouchers can be used at participating stores as actual cash and the retailers will be compensated at 90% of their value, which is around $4.50.

“The joy of this program is that it also supports local business and encourages people to maybe visit stores they haven’t visited before,” said their Mayor Heather Colberg.

Essentially, the only loser in this entire situation is the virus and that’s something we can get behind.

Unfortunately, the Dino Bucks program will be temporary, but it will run until the 30th of September. This gives people a ton of time to rake it in, and even save for something fun.

Will it be successful? Who the hell knows, but it’ll be a cool thing to keep your eyes on. Maybe other cities and towns will follow suit.