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Carol Baskin from Netflix’s Tiger King is selling leopard print COVID masks

Via IMDB | Netflix / Tread365

Well, tie it to a pole and call it 2020’s official flag. Carol Baskin of Tiger King fame and Big Cat Rescue founder (among other alleged things), has just launched a line of face coverings and honestly, they’re perfect.

If any single item was representative of this year as it has been so far, it might be this.

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Baskin is now selling 2 styles, one black and one with leopard print, both featuring her catchphrase, “Hey all you cool cats and kittens!”

According to Tread365, the website where they’re being sold, a portion of the $15 CAD masks will go towards supporting her animal sanctuary in Tampa, Florida, which remains closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No word on whether or not any money will be used to find her missing husband, though…

Huh. Well, despite writing in a recent blog post that the documentary series was salacious, it seems shes embracing her 15 minutes in the name of a good cause. That’s definitely a good thing, right? Ish?

Honestly, we’re not sure, because we STILL don’t know how we feel about Carol Baskin, and we’re not sure if we ever will. Wowza, we live in a crazy, crazy world.

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